Spicy VOLTsim is an integrated framework of editor, simulator & 3D-visualizer of analog circuits developed at the Laboratory for Microelectronics of the university of Freiburg.

You might have visited the Version 2 that ran with Flash player. Unfortunately since the 1rst of January 2021, Flash player is not supported anymore, and Flash webapps stopped working. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we have developed the Version 3 of SpicyVOLT Sim, that runs with a Javascript/Typescript backend. In addition, SVS2 was running without a SSL certificate, which was fixed with the deployment of the version 3. You can now simulate your favorite circuits in safety, without fearing any Flash exploit that might put the integrity of your system at risk.

The current version of SVS3 is still in Beta, which means that most functionalities are working, but you might find some bugs in the app. If that was the case, please write to us, we will make sure to fix the code, so that you can fully enjoy your experience. To find out about new features, please visit the news tab.

The editor was redesigned to provide a better interface between the user and the circuit to be simulated. You will soon be able to visit the Tutorials tab to get an introduction to SVS3.